This list includes our vendors who are trying to stay in business, but don't have the internet connectivty to create a virtual booth this year. You can contact them from their listing info, and we hope you connect with them and their fine products.
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Gloria Smith
Victory Farm Paco-Vicunas
Don Smith, Gloria Smith
Victory Farm is a producer of paco-vicuna fiber. Paco-vicuna is a high end luxury fiber that compares to vicuna in softness. The natural color spectrum ranges from white to mahogany. We offer raw fleece, roving, yarn and limited edition or one-of-a-kind finished garments. Come see and feel this rare exquisite fiber for yourself. Self-raised
+1 816-812-2357

Vilma Mare
Vilma Mare Baltic Style
Vilma Mare
boiled wool jacket, fitted winter vest, fashion designer, boiled wool accessories, wrist warmers, headband, shawl with pockets, boiled wool gift, cape, capelet, vestment, artisan wool clothes, hand made design, wearable art
+1 917-992-4726

Jillian Emmons
Jillian Emmons
I create adorable hand - sculpted miniature stitch markers and earrings! I focus mostly on animals including dog breeds.

Elke Amenda-Spirakis
Wellspring Farm
Elke Amenda-Spirakis
Self raised rovings, handspun and hand dyed yarns from farm flock, up-cycled" tote bags, needle felting, merino prefelt, merino and merino blend combed top. Breeder of llama, tunis sheep, Jacob sheep, merino sheep. Special sale on rovings. 90% rovings and yarns made from fiber from our farm, and processed in the US, a totally American raised and made product. Member of Shave Em' to Save Em' selling Tunis and Jacob rovings and yarns.
+1 828-208-1660

Wendy Jensen
Wendy G. Jensen Baskets
Wendy G. Jensen
Handwoven baskets made from rattan and willow
+1 413-528-4007

Ellena Weston
Weston Family
Ellena Weston
Seven generations of the Weston family raising sheep on the same farm since 1867 in Hancock, NH. Selling earflap hats, Christmas stockings and ornaments knit from our self-raised wool, as well as our self-raised one-of-kind sheepskins and handmade sheep tallow soap from our own sheep.
+1 603-525-3832

Jennifer Johnson
Whispering Pines Shetland Sheep - NEW in 2019
Jennifer Johnson. Rich Johnson
We are breeders of fine wool shetland sheep. Fine wool shetlands have an afd of around 25 microns or less, and have very tight organized crimp. Their fiber is ideal for next to skin projects and items which benefit from elasticity - like socks, hats and gloves. All the fiber products in our booth are from our flock, and most products are hand processed by me. Products available in our booth include raw fleeces, hand carded batts of wool, hand spun yarn, as well as mill processed roving and yarn. We carry the Majacraft line of wheels and equipment, and will have wheels in the booth to try and purchase. We are participating breeders in the Livestock Conservancy Shave Em to Save Em campaign - passport stickers will be available in our booth. Spinners, knitters and crocheters love the bouncy softness of the wool from our soft shetlands - I am looking forward to introducing our wool to the many visitors at the NY Sheep and Wool festival! #Self raised #complete farm product #softshetlandwool #self-raised
+1 716-525-3347

Paula Kucera
White Barn Farm Sheep and Wool
Paula Kucera
Self-raised, naturally hand dyed, cormo, soft, squishy yarn , New Paltz NY. Sustainable, community, knitting, crochet. Light worsted, DK, fingering, sock
+1 914-456-6040

Lisa Bass
White Birch Fiber Arts
Lisa Bass
Hand dyed self-striping and long gradient yarns, in riotous color and on exquisite base yarns.
+1 802-380-7347

Linda Cortright
Wild Fibers Magazine
Linda Cortright
subscriptions, single issues of Wild Fibers
+1 207-756-3512

Chuck & Heidi Simmons
Wil-Hi Farm
Chuck & Heidi Simmons
Christmas/holiday handmade goat milk soaps each wrapped in fabric specially chosen for that fragrance. Each gift box houses 7 different soaps. Perfect for you or as a gift that will last for months. We are only making 100 gift boxes. We also have felted wool insoles. Please visit our website where you will find pictures of the soaps and the insoles. Thank you! Store Hours are OPEN 24 hours / day.
+1 845-756-2073

Laurie Willey
Will-Ewe Farm-High View Farm
Laurie Willey
self-raised, CORMO fleece, yarn, roving & kool-aid dyed yarns, children's hats, adult hats & felted mittens..One of a kind hand-knit-felted Bunny slippers...special --Christmas tree ornaments
+1 802-626-8349

Karen Stern
Windsong Farm
Karen Stern
Wensleydale and other lustrous longwools raised on our farm in the Fingerlakes region of NY provide us with fleece for our natural color and hand painted yarn, roving and locks as well as raw fleece and sheepskins. Self-raised. Natural and synthetic dyed wool . Handmade scarves.
+1 607-546-5408

Giovanna Mercado
Windy Valley Muskox
Sergio Mercado, Fernando Alvarez
Qiviut and other luxury yarn, muskoxen fiber products
+1 866-985-2555

Tamara White
Wing and a Prayer Farm
Tamara E. White
Sheep Breed Display: Cormo Sheep + Valais Blacknose Sheep + Shetland Sheep
Vendor Building 31, Booth 21
Shave 'Em to Save 'Em
Breed Specific Wool
Shetland wool
Cormo wool
Alpaca fiber

Rod Stevens
Woodchuck Products
Rod Mr. Chuck" Stevens
+1 610-750-0938

Carl Smith
Woodland Woodworking
Carl Smith, Melissa Swartz
Woodland Woodworking produces unique high quality support and drop spindles and accessories. We also have beautiful hand-dyed fiber for spinning, including braids, batts, and batt nests, and spindle and fiber sets.
+1 906-285-9327

Ann Dubel
Wool Out of Wales
Polly Jones c/o Ann Dubel
Yarn, wool blankets, rugs, shawls, shrugs, scarves
+1 301-854-2024

Melanie Steenhoff
Wooly Things
Melanie Steenhoff
Knit and felted wool handbags and ladies hats.
+1 585-944-9356

Debra Belletete
Thomas and Debra Belletete
Yarn-Tech manufactures innovative and elegant yarn management products out of specialty hardwoods. Everything is made in Massachusetts in our shop. We use solid Curley Maple, Cherry, Purpleheart, Lacewood and other specialty hardwoods that are sustain-ably harvested. Our products include Yarn boxes, the Hurricane Swift system, and new for 2018 is the Shawl Frame. The yarn boxes are for color-work or two-at-a-time knitting and also great for protecting your project from nosy pets. We created the Hurricane Swift System to give you a swift which also converts to a yarn buddy, so you can wind your cake and then knit from it too. The shawl frame allows you to showcase your handmade project on the wall, because art is meant to be displayed.
+1 508-212-2527

Ellen Thompson
Yellow Dog Farm
Ellen A Thompson, Jim Holzschuh
Yellow Dog Farm creates lustrous mohair blend yarns both mill and hand spun. Ellen is an avid knitter and creates fun colorful garments. Jim turns wood in his studio in the barn. He makes tools for fiber artists and beautiful decorative and functional objects.
+1 802-734-7448

Zeilinger Wool
April Zeilinger
manufactured socks, yarn, roving, wool-related craft items, processing drop off area, matress pads
+1 989-652-2920