Welcome to the 2021 Fleece Show and Sale!

Exhibitors! Don't forget to login and print the tags for your fleeces.

Our aim is to provide the consumer with beautiful healthy, clean fiber suitable for hand spinning. 

It's new and different! PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO READ THIS.

  • All fleeces registered must be FOR SALE
  • The NYS Sheep and Wool Festival is run completely by VOLUNTEERS. Please keep this in mind when you are interacting with the VOLUNTEERS at the show. This fleece show and sale happens solely through the kindness of those VOLUNTEERS. Thank you.
  • All entries are done online using the module.
  • A MAXIMUM of 700 entries in total, will be accepted.
  • Each exhibitor is allowed a maximum of 10 entries.
  • The price of each entry is $4.00.
  • Entries are not finalized until payment is made in full. 
  • If the threshold of 700 entries is reached while your entries are being processed, in your cart, then any entries exceeding the threshold will be declined and any entry fees refunded in full. 
  • We accept most major credit cards. We no longer accept PayPal money.
  • NEW - After payment is made, you will immediately see payment confirmation on your screen. There is no email confirmation from the e-commerce system. You may want to print this for your payment records. Your credit card or bank transaction statement will display as a charge from SHEEPWOOLNY.
  • CONFIRMATION - We will manually confirm your entries into the sale with an email to you. Please be patient and wait for that email from the Fleece Sale Team. During high usage times, this may take 24-48 hours. Calling us slows down progress in confirming entries.
  • EDIT YOUR ENTRIES - You will be able to edit your entries before and after making payment! This feature will be disabled on Oct. 5, 2019 at 11:59 pm. After that time, any changes to your entries will incur a $5.00 charge per entry change and MUST be done by a member of the fleece sale team. 
  • PRINT YOUR BAG TAGS - Auto-generated bag inserts. After you have completed your payment, you will see an orange-gold tab icon on the right hand side of each entry in the list on your account. Clicking on this icon will display a printable image with your entry's data, like the index card information in previous years, plus 2 QR codes. These codes will help us during fleece check-in and sales.
  • NEW - Please print one unique sheet for EACH entry you have in the sale. Fold the page in half and place it in a QUART SIZE CLEAR plastic zip-lock bag and securely attach it - tape or staple - to the inside of the fleece bag with the side showing the name of the exhibitor, email address and the bottom QR code placed against the fleece and the sale info - color, breed, weight, price etc - and top BARCODE facing out through the clear bag so it can be read. Please use a laser printer as it enables us to scan the codes easier.
  • Yes, you will also need to include the index card mentioned below with your entry.
  • REGISTRATION WILL CLOSE WHEN THE 700 LIMIT IS REACHED OR ON TUESDAY, OCTOBER 5, 2021.  No late entries will be accepted.

Fleeces entered must be from this year’s clip, well-skirted and placed in a CLEAR PLASTIC BAG.  The clear bags should be large enough to show the fleece to its best advantage.  DO NOT TIE THE FLEECE OR THE BAG. Fleeces heavily contaminated with vegetation or other debris will not be accepted for sale.

NEW: No products used to enhance the fleece may be used. The committee will inspect each entry and the decision of the show managers is final. Rejected fleeces will not have entry fees refunded.

In addition to the printable tag mentioned above, one 3x5 index card should be placed in a clear plastic sandwich bag securely taped or stapled to the inside of the fleece bag with the writing showing the following information.This needs to be done in ADDITION TO the sheet printed with entry data mentioned above.

WOOL BREEDS MOHAIR                                ALPACA
Breed/weight   Clip                                     Age at shearing
If crossbred, identify breeds Weight                              (juv, yr, 2 yr, adult) 
Total cost  Total cost  Total cost


Write the unique ID number in the UPPER RIGHT hand corner, example: 2021-012 on one card, and 2021-018 on another card.

Do NOT put the price per pound, just the total cost.

DO NOT PUT YOUR NAME OR FARM NAME ON THIS CARD.  If you wish, you may place a business card or contact information under the fleece at the bottom of the bag.

There will be a 5% commission on all sales. 
New York State and Dutchess County sales taxes will be collected at the time of sale.  All sales are final.

While every attempt will be made to provide for security of the fleeces at the sale, the Festival will not be held liable for items lost or stolen while on display.


Payment for entries, as mentioned above, is through our secure website. We accept most major credit cards. Your entry is not processed and secured until payment is made.


The sale will be held in Building B on the festival grounds and can be reached by using the Mulberry Street entrance.  Please refer to the festival map of the grounds for directions. 

ONLY Pre-entered fleeces will be received for show and sale on

Thursday, OCTOBER 14, 2021 - NOON - 3pm
Friday, OCTOBER 15, 2021 - 9:30am - 3pm.
Fleeces that arrive late will not be accepted and no refunds will be made.

If you choose, you may stay to observe the judging. If you plan on staying for judging, please let the VOLUNTEER checking in your fleeces know. All fleeces will be judged or graded and will receive a red or blue ranking.  There will be ribbons awarded for Best of Class in all categories and Best Colored and Best White in wool and mohair fleeces.  Judges comments will accompany each.

While we will make every attempt to process payments quickly, please allow 60 days to receive payment for your sold fleeces.

Sale begins at 9am on Saturday, October 16, 2021.  Fleeces still available for sale on Sunday may have a price reduction BUT the producer must first check with the show managers for approval.

Sale ends at 3pm on Sunday, October 17, 2021.

Unsold fleeces may be picked up between 2:30 pm and 4:00 pm on Sunday after checking in with the show manager.  Fleeces remaining after 4:00 pm become the property of DCSWGA.

Thank you for your entries.  Good luck with the sale.  We hope to see you in October!

Mary Drumm