Thursday, Oct. 14, 2021 - Friday, Oct. 15, 2021


Welcome to our 2021 Virtual Workshop Registration system.  Please read ALL information before registering. 

Workshops/demos/lectures will start and stop at various times of the day (Eastern - EDT) so there are opportunities to take something at more convenient hours.

Presenters will be using Zoom. It is important that you have a strong connection to the internet to participate. You can test your speed here. You may

want to consider being the only connection to your wifi for your session.


What’s being offered?

Workshops - typically two hours.

  • There are several that consist of Part 1 and Part 2. Make sure to register for Part 2.
  • Material fees - please review course description to see if you need to order a kit from instructor. The cost of a kit + shipping is NOT included in the registration fee.  You must get in touch with instructor to arrange payment and shipping.

Demonstrations - One hour. Some involve you watching technique while others have you practicing along with the instructor.

NOTE:  Classes are scheduled in EASTERN (EDT)  time.



Direct specific questions regarding the details of your session to the instructor prior to registering to ensure the session is a good fit for your skill level and expectations.

Each workshop states the proficiency level a student needs to be before registering. Do not register for an advanced class if you are a beginner. Contact the instructor if you’re unsure.

Avoid “double booking” classes by reviewing choices before hitting submit. Our system doesn't detect timing conflicts. The Festival is not responsible for the selection of classes and any conflicts that occur; no refunds will be given for such errors.



You have the option of being added to a waitlist if a session is sold out. You are not automatically added to the session if someone drops out. If a spot opens, we’ll email you to ask if you want to join, but make sure there is no conflict with anything else on your schedule before saying yes.


Can I Buy Sessions for Others?

The virtual system allows you to register other people, but you will not be able to register them for any sessions. They can sign in and MODIFY REGISTRATION.



Full refunds will be issued up until 5:00 pm EDT on 9/29/2021 as long as we can fill the seat from the waitlist.

If there is no waitlist, a 50% refund until 5:00 pm EDT on 9/29/2021.

To initiate a refund, please email - allow one business day for a response.

No refunds will be issued after 5:00 on 9/29/2021.

Participant’s technical issues, including connectivity, are not the responsibility of the Organizers.



You will receive a Zoom invitation about two weeks before the Festival. Please do not share the Zoom link.

There will be, for most workshops, a monitor who will check you off the attendance sheet. Please name your device something that is easily recognizable - if the monitor cannot confirm your identity through messaging, there is the possibility that you will be removed from the session.

Check description for homework, materials (do you need a kit? - if so, you must get in touch with instructor to arrange), and supplies you may need to participate.

As October draws near, you will be able to access your event hub where you can download (and print) any materials provided by the instructor, so check back often when October rolls around.

Charge your devices!!

Be on time.

Make sure you are signing in at EASTERN  (EDT) time. You don’t want to miss anything!

You can Zoom on a phone, a tablet, a laptop, or a desktop. It’s up to you what size screen works best. If you are having issues, you can switch to another device.

Participant’s technical issues, including connectivity, are not the responsibility of the Organizers.

Please note that images may not be representative of the project you make.  If in doubt, email the instructor.


Will the Session Be Recorded for Later Access? Will I Be Recorded?

The sessions will not be recorded for students to access at a later time.  Some presenters may decide to record the session, so please note our Terms and Conditions.   Note  that some presenters may ask everyone to turn off video and mute mics while others prefer to have a back and forth conversation with participants. You may not record the session without the express permission of the presenter.

Any problems or questions should be directed to the Workshops Coordinator, Karen Santucci, at Emails are answered during normal business hours (Eastern), but you may catch me up late at night.