This year, all workshops will be held online on 10/14-10/15. With a few exceptions, all other events will be on-site.

In response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the following protocols will be in practice at this year's Festival:

  • Masks are encouraged for all, regardless of vaccination status
  • Masks are REQUIRED for those who are unvaccinated
  • All buildings will have one-way walkways and all doors open (no matter the weather)
  • Vendor layout has been changed to increase social distancing
  • Tickets are only available online (no gate sales) and attendance numbers are limited
  • No in-person workshops this year
  • Fiber Competitions will be held outside
  • No arena events (except Used Equipment Sale and Sheep Pen Sale) 

Yes - there is no fee to register online for 2021. However, workshop fees are separate. Check the Workshops FAQ for more info.

In-person tickets are available here.

A few of our vendors will be participating virtually this year. This means they will be offering shopping and browsing experiences via Zoom or other integration. Check the event schedule for more info.

Yes! Souvenirs will be available for pre-order in September.

The NYS Sheep and Wool Festival has a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for harassment of any kind. If a person engages in harassing behavior, our staff will take prompt action in any form they deem appropriate, including expulsion from any and all  events with no refund. Our policy applies to EVERYONE at the virtual event. Exhibitors, attendees, speakers, guests, professionals, press, staff, and security are all subject to our anti-harassment policy and will be held to the same standards and disciplinary action.

It is important that our event is a safe place for all attendees.  The NYS Sheep & Wool Festival ("NYSSW") is a private event produced by the Dutchess County Sheep and Wool Growers' Association ("DCSWGA")  and people who mistreat or disrespect other people will be removed and not allowed for the duration of the event. NYSSW reserves the right to permanently ban attendees and guests who do not comply with the code of conduct, including for future events put on by the DCSWGA.  Please use good judgement and be respectful.


Disorderly conduct includes (but isn’t limited to) any behavior that is illegal, unsafe, disruptive, discriminatory or causes excessive discomfort to our attendees or guests.


We ask that all attendees refrain from making comments along the following lines in any of our virtual events. Failure to do so may end with the cancellation of your registration. 

Please refrain from:

  • offering political views, promoting partisan affiliations, or expressing opinions
  • offering content that may be taken out of context on topics including and not limited to profanity, slander, drug/alcohol use, personal or racial attacks, pictures or videos containing nudity, and/or personal information about other people without their permission