Hands on Fiber Fun for Children
Friday, October 15, 2021
4:00 PM - 6:00 PM (EDT)
Mail Order Deadline for Materials
Order materials from Instructor by 9/30/2021 to guarantee delivery in time for class. Orders after 9/30 may increase shipping charges.

In this multigenerational workshop children (7-12 years old), with the required assistance of an adult, will discover and explore the world of wool fiber. 

Through a series of short videos and hands on exercises, children will be able to learn about sheep and wool, be able to touch fleece right from the, sheep, learn how to clean the fleece and see how dyes can magically change the color of wool.

A materials kit and written instructions will be sent to each student prior to the workshop so we can lear together and share in the fun !

Kathy Sparks
Session Type
Dyeing Workshops
Session Pic 1
Each child (7-12 years old) needs to have an adult present with them during the workshop to help them work through the steps and find the correct packet they need for each lesson and to provide assistance in the hands on activities.
Homework Required?
Instructor will be be sending a well labeled materials kit to each participant upon payment of $30 material fee. Students must contact the instructor to arrangement payment and shipping details prior to workshop.

There will be some supplies and equipment that will need to be provided by the students. They will receive that list upon registration. The list is of common household items and or things found in a pantry.
Supplies Students Need
8 clean quart jars (recycled spaghetti sauce jars work great), chopsticks or wooden skewers for stirring, liquid dish soap, 2 large mixing bowls or containers to wash fleece in, plastic table covering to protect work surface, household vinegar, and access to water.