Vicki Twigg
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Vicki Twigg
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Vicki Twigg is an English knitter/designer/teacher living in the US. She has written a book, Twigg stitch, (pub. Nov '14, Interweave) which describes a new technique for knitting a two color, double sided, single layer fabric (unlike brioche or double knitting). She has also recently been exploring in another new direction and developed a double sided textured fabric called Exchange Knitting.

Vicki learned to knit, crochet and sew starting at about the age of 5. She has always loved to experiment with and design all kinds of things in the field of needle arts including clothing, quilts, decorative embroidery and knitwear.

She particularly enjoys creating patterns with interesting structural elements, using the nature of the technique or stitch pattern as part of the inspiration. She enjoys setting herself technical challenges and finding new ways round them and she loves to pass her fascination with the mechanics of knitting and design on to others, helping them to improve their technique or learn new things.
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