Twigg Stitch Technique and Hiker Hat
Thursday, October 15, 2020
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM (EDT)

This workshop is a great intro to Twigg stitch. Join us to learn the basics of this intriguing two sided technique. We will knit a swatch and cover all the skills needed to make the hat. There are charts in the pattern for various design options, or it can be made in plain stripes. You can knit your hat with any weight of yarn you like and in any size.

Vicki Twigg
Session Type
Knitting Workshops
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Pattern reading. Chart reading.
Homework Required?
Cast on 20 sts with one color (any method, this is just a swatch) then knit 2 rows with the other color. This provides a good base with both colors attached.
I will provide a pattern by email.
Supplies Students Need
Two solid colors of the same type of smooth yarn with a good color contrast (stash yarn is great). Sport weight/DK are ideal but fingering or medium are fine if you are more comfortable using them.

Needles (any kind, we are going to knit a swatch) of the recommended size for the yarn.

It's worth experimenting with the technique before you decide what weight of yarn you want to use for your hat. Twigg stitch comes out a little thicker and softer than single yarn rib and less squishy than Brioche.