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Amy Snell
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I am a fiber artist and yarn collector who knits, spins, weaves, crochets badly, and dabbles with dye. I love yarn and fiber - the textures, the colors, the infinite possibilities. I love that knitting is tactile and kinesthetic, as well as visual. It sparks all my senses.

I enjoy experimenting with knitting, which sometimes leads to breakthroughs and sometimes leads to terrible results. Either way, it's always a learning experience.

I love spreading the knitting bug nearly as much as I enjoy knitting itself. It's a beautiful canvas for connection within and across communities. Over the years I've taught knitting in my local community to kids as young as six and folks as old as, well... it seemed impolite to ask. With the advent of the pandemic I began reaching out beyond my community and teaching online.

I always have a pair (or more) of socks on the needles and love to teach others to knit them. But my absolute favorite things to teach are tips and tricks to bring your knitting to the next level. I love talking about what is and isn't (or might be) possible in knitting and sharing with others who want to expand the way they think about knitting.
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