Isn't it Good? Norwegian Wood: Weaving An Autumn Color bracelet On A Tree Shaped Viking Lucet
Friday, October 15, 2021
5:00 PM - 7:00 PM (EDT)
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For this project we will be using a Viking Lucet in the shape of a tree and will be weaving several strands of cords using fibers that are unusual for Lucet weaving. Participants will be learning several ways beyond the traditional Flip method for using a Lucet. We will make several lucet “ I -cords” which can then be collaged into one or multiple bracelets.

We will go over how to size cords with tails in varying materials so that they match when braided with, a valuable technique for Lucet braids that do not rely on cutting and glueing the ends. For this large antique button closure I will show you how to weave using tails - this requires pre-thought into accurate sizing. We will also cover techniques for plaiting multiple woven strands. 

****THE LUCET TOOL is an ancient tool known to have been used by the Vikings . This tool uses a single strand to create an “I-cord” in a box shape. This cord does not unravel when cut, making it a very useful cording tool for the edges of knit garments such as sweater sleeves. In my classes I will demonstrate the traditional way to use a Lucet and then several other methods of weaving on the tool. I design modernized versions of ancient or traditional tools. As a designer and jeweler my classes explore the decorative possibilities and applications for updated tools found in cultures around the world


Karen Capobianco
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Weaving Workshops
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Homework Required?
Norwegian Wood: Weaving a autumn color bracelet required Kit ($75 + shipping) includes everything you need to complete the project - a sustainable wood tree Lucet, unique wooden yarn pot, wood pick, multiple types of fibers, 2-3 closure options including an antique button, and visual instructions chart for basic Lucet weaving. Student must contact instructor for payment and shipping information.

Once you have registered, email the instructor with the class title so she can send a paypal invoice from
Capobianco Designs. The invoice will include the cost of the kit, applicable taxes, and priority shipping.
When you pay the invoice, make sure to include the class title in the notes.

Please note: kits will ship 3rd week of Sept.
Supplies Students Need
Scissors, ruler, toothpicks, a white glue like elmers, and most importantly loctite or gorilla brand super glue -gel formula.