Broken, Tender, and Dirty Fleece
Thursday, October 14, 2021
8:30 PM - 9:30 PM (EDT)

We have all bought that one regretful fleece. Or maybe its two... or five. But they were cheap, right? They might have even been free. And it was so soft and would have been the perfect fleece if not for that break right in the middle of the staple, or the weak tips, or all the dirt and vegetable matter... Now they live in the bottom of your closet, in total darkness: sad, lonely, and destined to beĀ mulch if they don't become moth fodder first.

In this one hour demonstration, we'll cover the decision making process for discovering if, and more importantly, how they are salvageable.

Roy Clemes
Session Type
Fiber Education Demonstrations
Advanced Beginner
Session Pic 1
Student needs ome drum carding or other fiber prep experience.
Homework Required?
Sort through your stash of fleece and pull out one or two that are just sitting around because there is something "wrong" with them or you aren't sure how to process them because of a break, vegetable matter, or other flaw.
Supplies Students Need
Broken, tender, or dirty fleeces taking up space in their closet! If student doesn't have one, then this class will hopefully prevent them from acquiring one.