Natural Bundle Dyeing and Eco Printing
Thursday, October 14, 2021
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM (EDT)
Mail Order Deadline for Materials
Order materials from Instructor by 9/30/2021 to guarantee delivery in time for class. Orders after 9/30 may increase shipping charges.

What is bundle dyeing / eco printing? Natural matter (leaves, flowers, food waste) is placed onto fabric, which is steamed to create an impression onto the fabric, creating surprising and exciting results. In this class, participants will learn how to bundle dye/ eco print a silk scarf using leaves, flowers, berries, and food waste.

The presenter will provide participants with a hands on demonstration of each step of the process as the participants follow
along at home. Participants will be encouraged to use this workshop as a first step in learning these intriguing techniques and to have the the courage to experiment during the workshop and afterwards.

Participants will be provided with the silk scarf and should bring leaves, flowers (dead or alive), berries, food waste, and white vinegar to the class. Clear instructions will be given before the workshop.

Julie O'Sullivan
Session Type
Dyeing Workshops
All Levels Welcome
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All levels welcome. Must have ability to follow instructions while watching a live demonstration. Workshop will be taught as if participants are new to this technique.
Homework Required?
Gather materials before the workshop
Silk scarf. Students must contact instructor prior to class to arrange payment of material fee ($10 + shipping) and shipping info.
Supplies Students Need
White vinegar, leaves, flowers, berries, food waste (specific instructions will be sent to participants before the workshop).