Kat Chang
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Kat Chang
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She/her, Korean American.
The Knotty Kat, fiber branch of Juggling Goose Farm, based in Western MA, currently raising angora rabbits for fiber, various farm animals, and aspiring shepherd.

A long-time knitter since my grandmother taught me at a young age and dabbler in all handcrafts ever since, I've always loved animals and having my own farm has been a long term life goal. Once I learned to spin a few years ago, that farm dream has evolved to include fiber animals. I'm in the process of researching and planning for the imminent addition of a starter flock of Romeldale CVMs and intend to add goats, alpacas, and maybe one day, paco-vicunas!

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Farmer, Fiber Farmer, Knitter, Spinner, Artist, I am considering getting a flock of my own, I am open to becoming a Sheep Shearer if taught