Madeline White
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Madeline White
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Local NY artist Madeline White of Vegetarian Viking is a lover of furs but not where they come from. Determined to play the Viking anyway, she has experimented with fiber art; exploring rare breeds and unconventional techniques to replicate all the drama of furs without skin or microplastics. Whether you are a shepherd looking for a unique way to display your beautiful wool, a fan of Game of Thrones, or just someone who is always cold, her felted wares will tickle your fancy! Her passions include utilizing breeds from the Livestock Conservancy's preservation list (via Shave 'Em to Save 'Em), working with local shepherds, and making things that you wouldn't believe are wool.
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Wannabe Farmer, Crocheter, Weaver, Felter, Needle Artist, Artist, Just a Festival Fan, Instructor, I am considering getting a flock of my own, I am open to becoming a Sheep Shearer if taught, I want to start a Fiber Guild in my community