Maine Top Mill
Sunday, October 18, 2020
11:00 AM - 5:00 PM (EDT)

My dad & I are huge fiber geeks & we love talking about fiber. Together we run the Maine Top Mill where we specialize in making amazing top & top blends that essentially spin themselves and yarns that are alive with possibilities. Chiri Cloud 80’s, the completely uniform 17um alpaca top & yarn we make, and 18.2um American Rambouillet were the fibers we started with. Now we make so much more, like 14.5um merino/yak, gotland/rose, merino/rose, rambouillet/angora and so much more. Pretty much everyone who’s felt these blends & yarns has been blown away by how soft they are. We have several new products, like some dyed yarns & tops, and brand new spinning kits. Our tops & top blends are made here in Maine and our yarns are made at one of several American mills. We know where all the fiber we work with came from, that the animals were treated ethically and that the fibers were produced sustainably. Let us know if you'd like to chat earlier or later, so we can set up a time. Free shipping to the USA on orders over $50.October 14-20 20% off tops, top blends & hand dyed tops with code RHINEBECKLOVE. Yarns 25% off. Contact us for the best price on International orders.

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20% off all tops, top blends & dyed tops with code RHINEBECKLOVE October 14-20. All yarns are 25% off. Free shipping on orders over $50.
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