Fleece to Fabric - Part 2
Saturday, October 17, 2020
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM (EDT)

This is a two part class.  Make sure you sign up for Part 1 - Thurs., 10/15/2020.

The first portion of this class will focus on fiber preparation for hand spinning. Students will need a clean sheep fleece to get the most out of this class. Students could also blend fibers with already prepared roving. There will be homework, hand prepping fiber will take some time to get enough quantity to spin. The format will allow for questions. The second portion of this class will focus on spinning the fiber that we created in the first portion of the class.
We will be learning how to use a top or bottom whorl drop spindle.
I will demonstrate on my wheel for comparison of technique. We will ply our yarns on the spindle, or if people know how to use a wheel they can use that as well.

Lauren Mcelroy
Session Type
Spinning Workshops
Session Pic 1
Session Pic 2
Homework Required?
This will be a two part class, with homework over night. We need to prepare enough fiber to spin in the second session.
Supplies Students Need
Cleaned Fleece (1st session)
Prepared fiber (Optional)
Drop Spindle, Wheel, Or spinner( Second session)
Hand Combs, (1st session)
Hand Cards, (1st session)
Niddy Noddy, (2nd session)
Lazy Kate, (optional)
Diz (Optional)