Easy Ice Dye for Incredible Results
Thursday, October 15, 2020
4:00 PM - 6:00 PM (EDT)
Mail Order Deadline for Materials
Order materials from Instructor by 9/30/2021 to guarantee delivery in time for class. Orders after 9/30 may increase shipping charges.

Results from ice dyeing are mind-blowingly beautiful and complex, but the process is incredibly easy! My years of tie-dyeing in the traditional way was turned on its head when I discovered the ice. We soak the garment in soda ash fixative and tie it up just like a "normal" tie-dye, but then, instead of mixing dye powders with water and applying it with bottles, we cover the garment in ice cubes and apply the dye powder directly on top of the cubes! As the ice melts, the professional dyes are diluted and deposited organically, creating insanely cool fissures and shading that we could never achieve with bottles. You'll love how easy it is, and you're guaranteed to want to do it again and again.

Jessica Kaufman
Session Type
Dyeing Workshops
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Purchasing a kit from my website - $18 for three colors + shipping (a special discounted link will be available and NYSW students will be able to select from 28 colors)
Homework Required?
A kit that comes with their choice of dye colors, soda ash activator, and washout instructions. Please order by 10/5/2020
Supplies Students Need
A container to dye in (large lidded Tupperware style), nonporous surface to dye on (like a plastic folding table, or outdoors)