Kumihimo Flat Braiding: Heart Braid Bracelet - Part 1
Friday, October 16, 2020
11:00 AM - 1:00 PM (EDT)
Mail Order Deadline for Materials
Order materials from Instructor by 9/30/2021 to guarantee delivery in time for class. Orders after 9/30 may increase shipping charges.

This is a two part workshop.  Make sure to register for Part 2 - Fri., 10/16/2020, 6:00 - 8:00 pm.

Kumihimo means the coming together or gathering of threads in Japanese (Kumi=braid, Himo=cord). Kumihimo is a very enjoyable, portable craft, and a great stash buster with endless ways to braid using multiple cords (up to 32). The practice of cording is very mindful,and a great way to calm your system and relieve stress. A braid pattern will look vastly different depending on your fiber choice, use of beads, or lack of beads.  Using more threads, varied shapes, sizes of beads, types and size of fibers, or changing the thread direction as you move across the loom, can make for endless  design possibilities. When braiding on a Kumhimo, you are working on a round disk that has a center hole. Single fibers are held on floating bobbins around the perimeter of the disk. The cord is formed down in the center hole. In the center where the threads gather, a weight is attached to keep the cord taut and even. Different weights and weight positions help maintain the evenness of the braid. For this class, we will be using 16 satin fiber cords in three colors to  make a two tone heart pattern flat braid for a lovely unique bracelet of your own. This braid can be made even by a beginner.  

We will cover how to braid a flat braid on a round disk using 16 cords as well as finishing techniques and closures. For this class, students are required to purchase a kit, which includes all the tools: a sustainable wooden disk,16 bobbins and a coated weight, thick satin fiber in three colors, as well as the end caps and a clasp needed to complete the project.  After taking this class, you will not only leave with a finished bracelet, and new technical skills but you will own your own complete set of tools to continue exploring this fun craft,  using your own fiber stash and more.

I will demo braiding using the handheld portable disk (found in your kit), but I will also  show how to use a rotating Marudai table stand. Students can visit our website @www.capobiancodesigns if they wish to purchase a Marudia stand, miniature yarn bowls, an array of ceramic decorative weights, larger Kumihimo disks up to 11" for chunky fibers and an array of other fiber tools.

Part 1 -  braiding  

Part 2 - finishing the piece 



Karen Capobianco
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All Levels Welcome
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Homework Required?
Student must purchase kit ($75 + shipping) from instructor's website - It includes birch wood Kumihimo disk, 16 bobbins, satin cording, heavy weight, clasp, plastic needle, and pattern.

The kit fee is NOT included in the registration fee.
Supplies Students Need
Supplies students will need to have on hand
Paper pencil for note taking
Good pair of kitchen scissor or small garden shears
Small straight scissors
Clear (3- 5 min dry) two part epoxy, pair of plastic gloves for glueing
Super glue gel,
2-3 wooden skewers preferably ( toothpicks will do if you can't find skewers)
Heavy weight thread and needles,
wax paper or small wax paper plate,super glue gel
Pair of disposable gloves (Nitrile or latex)