Fire, Glass and Fiber-Painting with Glass
Friday, October 16, 2020
6:00 PM - 7:00 PM (EDT)

Come learn more about the art of lampworking or torchwork! Be mesmerized by watching me melt rods of colored glass with my O2-propane mixed torch. Once the glass has achieved a molten state, I'll be manipulating the glass into different shapes. "Details make the man" and glass is no different! You'll get to see the pieces I create come to life as we add the little details. Glass objects I'll be creating in my demos will be a pendant and beads. For the purposes of this demonstration, I'll be working with larger pieces since the stitch markers I am known for are tiny. My goal is to show the process from start to finish, and larger pieces will facilitate this. As I work on each piece, I will be explaining the process step-by-step. My goal is to create a visual and verbal account of the process, and then allow time for more in-depth or follow-up questions. This event holds a very special place in my heart and in the history of my business. The very first stitch markers I ever made were several sheep for a friend of mine to give to a group of knitters attending the New York State Sheep & Wool show.

Participants will receive a Special Rhinebeck Discount Code will be included for stitch marker and progress keeper purchases through the end of 2020.  

Ann Tudor
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